Animal blood meal

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Product Characteristics:

  • Moisture and volatile substances: ≈ 8%
  • Crude protein: ≈ 91%
  • Digestible protein, absolute value: ≈ 90.7%
  • Crude ash: ≈ 2.5%

Animal blood meal is a high-protein feed additive for pigs and poultry, produced by drying fresh blood from healthy pigs that have passed state veterinary inspection before slaughter. The protein content in the product exceeds 90%, and its digestibility is at least 90%. Including this bio-additive in the animal diet helps to meet their needs in proteins and amino acids, reducing the costs of cultivation.

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Transportation terms:

Pork is transported by all modes of transport in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules for the transportation of perishable goods applicable to this type of transport.